4,8/5    4 Reviews Beneva Black Dermaroller


4,8/5    4 Reviews Beneva Black Dermaroller

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4,8/5    4 Reviews
Venilla Pereira 22-08-2019
Super packaged..can't give an opinion because I use it only one week but you notice after the use that the products, in my case the serum is better absorbed by the skin.
Seraina Fink 26-02-2019
Super hygienic and well packed. satisfied. still too early to say anything.
Jasmin Frei 12-02-2019
Coincidences!! See changes. My face looks fresher

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1) The Dermaroller promotes collagen production

The many small punctures of the Dermaroller into the skin irritate various receptors and thus stimulate certain growth receptors of the skin. The skin reacts and produces collagen, elastin and hyaluron. This strengthens the skin and leads to more elasticity. 

2) Dermaroller increases skin absorbency

At the same time these punctures of the Dermaroller ensure an increased absorption capacity of anti-aging agents such as the Beneva Black Retinol Serum or the Beneva Black Vitamin C Serum.

3) Time and patience

All you have to do is give your skin time. Your body needs time to form the collagen and achieve visible effects. Colleague production won’t happen overnight. The full effect should be visible after four weeks.

Do not use Dermaroller at:

Active acne, eczema, irritation, large moles, skin diseases, inflammation, injuries, psoriasis, skin cancer, fungal infections. 

Is the treatment with the Dermaroller painful?

If you drive the Dermaroller over your face, the fine needles piken a bit. But you get used to it and don’t find the treatment painful.

In addition, you can dose the pressure yourself – so if you are sensitive, you can first gently roll your scooter over your skin.

When should I start using anti-aging products?

The vitamin C serum experience shows that using anti-aging products already recommended at a young age can become. It is not only a question of a vitamin C serum rejuvenating skin and face, but also of supplying the skin with valuable ingredients that can promote the renewal of skin cells with increasing age. Already from 20th year of life the skin begins to store less water. Five years later, the natural aging process of the skin begins. 

Where can I use the Dermaroller?

The Dermarollers are available in different sizes and you can use them not only on the face – also neck, décolleté, abdomen or thighs can be treated with them.

They are used not only to treat wrinkles and bags under the eyes, but also scars, cellulite, stretch marks and stretch marks.

How often do I have to use the Dermaroller until results are visible? 

Finally, the question that everything boils down to. After all, you are most likely using the Dermaroller to counteract certain problem areas of your skin. So it’s nice when there are quick improvements. And indeed, the microneedling is not only an efficient, but also a quickly visible method.

Positive changes already start after the first treatment. The tissue is already noticeably tightened and strengthened. “After 3 to 5 sessions”, it explains. Chichakli in an interview with the women’s magazine WOMAN, “you can already achieve wonderful and great results.”

So you will be able to enjoy a better skin appearance relatively quickly. However, skin types are very different and the indicated times are therefore no guarantee.


Clean your face thoroughly and disinfect your Dermaroller with a disinfectant.


Now massage a serum into your skin. The serum should contain hyaluron and stimulate collagen production. The Beneva Black Retinol Serum is perfect.


Drive with the Dermaroller horizontally, vertically and diagonally at least 10x over your face. Then enter Vitamin C Serum This helps additionally for the cell renewal process.

♥ Apply 2x per week.
♥ Use only in the evening.
♥ Roll 10x diagonal, horizontal and vertical (max. 5 minutes).

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