Activated carbon as a miracle cure: What makes it so indispensable?

Aktivkohle Maske

Activated carbon is one of the oldest known medicines. The black powder was already used by the Egyptians and is still considered one of the most important products to clean the body. Activated carbon is not only used for gastrointestinal problems and detox cures, but is also used in cosmetic products. All information about the popular activated carbon can be found here.

What is the difference between coal and activated carbon?

Like crude oil, coal is formed when plant residues are deposited and compressed in the soil over millions of years. Usually this is lignite or hard coal, which is mined and burned with huge machines. Activated carbon is plant carbon that is produced under special circumstances.

What’s Aktivkohle?

This is carbon, which is obtained from vegetable raw materials. The substance is highly porous and open-pored, which means that it can be compared to a sponge and thus absorbs toxins and detoxifies the body. An effect that has been used in classical medicine for years, but recently also for cosmetic purposes and to support detoxification cures.

Where does activated carbon come from?

aktivkohle kokosnuss

The black powder has a 100% vegetable origin. Coconut shells are used for the activated carbon, which is used for cosmetic products.

How is activated carbon produced?

At the very beginning there is the coconut or the coconut shell, for example. This is first charred and then activated with steam. Hence also “active” carbon.
During the subsequent activation, a distinction is made between gas activation and chemical activation.

Gas Activation

A very hot gas stream (700-1000°C) of water vapour, carbon dioxide and air transforms part of the material into carbon monoxide and hydrogen, which escape as gas. In the end the porous, active carbon remains.

Chemical Activation

Not quite so hot (“only” 400-800°C), but with a lot of chemicals, porous activated carbon is also produced here, directly from the uncharred raw material. The chemicals are recovered and reused.

➡️More information about the production and effects of activated carbon can be found here

Where is activated carbon used?

Activated carbon is important for medicine. It neutralizes toxins in the body and thus prevents toxins from entering the bloodstream and is therefore administered in case of poisoning. It is also used to treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Due to the detox effect of activated carbon, this substance is no longer only administered in hospitals, but is also used by many people for daily detoxification.

Another area in which activated carbon is used is the cosmetics industry, which is becoming ever larger. Its effect is particularly suitable for thorough cleaning and is used for this purpose in various cosmetics, such as whitening toothpastes, but above all in deep cleansing skin masks. Beneva Black offers various skin cleansing products containing activated carbon. These include peeling, soap with activated carbon and the well-known Black Mask. In addition, after only a few applications your teeth will whiten noticeably with the Beneva Black Powder


What does activated carbon do for the body?

Activated carbon not only helps with gastrointestinal diseases, but also with minor stomach complaints. For example, the feeling of fullness can be alleviated, it helps against flatulence and diarrhoea and can even serve as a natural laxative in digestive problems. It also has a detoxifying effect on the body, which is why it is also used for detox cures.

Side effects of taking activated carbon

Medical activated carbon works in a purely physical way in the body. This means that it is excreted unchanged. Therefore, there are also only a few side effectsHowever, it should be noted that activated carbon not only binds toxins, but also other nutrients. It would therefore be possible, for example, to neutralise the effect of drugs.

What does activated carbon do for the look?

In the beauty industry activated carbon is celebrated as a miracle cure. It can be found especially in skin cleansing products because it frees skin and hair from dirt and harmful substances. The pores are opened and, similar to a magnet, it pulls all dirt particles, fine dust, make-up residues and fat particles out of the skin, thus preventing impurities and blackheads and clearly clarifying the appearance of the skin. In order to maintain the skin’s natural balance, however, active carbon treatments should not be used more than once or twice a week. Beneva Black offers all the activated carbon products you need to keep your skin clean. The Black Mask binds toxins and extracts your blackheads for finer pores. The Black Peeling renews your skin, the Black Soap cleans it. Toothpaste is also sometimes mixed with activated carbon. With its help, plaque and discolorations can be removed, making the teeth significantly whiter. The Beneva Black Powder sucks for steel white teeth after only a few applications.  

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