Why you should use beard oil


A beard is the epitome of masculinity. It is also the only way to play with your appearance and express your personality. Would you like a 3-day beard, a full beard or even a ZZ? Yes, the ZZ really exists. If you are interested in the different beard styles, you will find here more about this topic. Which form and length you choose is up to you. However, it is important that you care for your male and stylish accessory properly. This works best with beard oil.

That’s why you should use a beard oil..

You chose to grow your beard? So you don’t lack beard hair, but do you also know how to care for your beard properly? The solution is beard oil! And why you should absolutely use it, you can find out here.

➡️Smooth beard hairs

Beard Oil is known for softening hair, which automatically makes your beard look smoother. Ingredients such as argan oil provide optimal moisture for your hair and skin. This keeps your hair healthy and strong. It also supports hair growth.

➡️Protection against environmental influences

The oils contained such as jojoba oil or avocado oil protect your beard hair from harmful environmental influences such as sun or cold. Your beard is protected from dryness and remains radiantly beautiful.

➡️Bart Oil takes your look to the next level

No matter how many hairs are sprouting in your face, if the beard is not well groomed, it doesn’t look good either. According to the motto “Great beard means great responsibility” you should care for your beard properly. Beard oil has a positive effect on skin and hair. Your beard hair will shine and your beard will automatically look well groomed. Argan oil smoothes the beard hair so that it looks softer.

➡️Goodbye itching

Especially during the time when a man grows a beard, he itches constantly and it is difficult to stop scratching. Bart Oil helps you to get the itching under control. Skin and hair are supplied with the necessary nutrients and are less dry, so the itching disappears.

➡️Irresistible fragrance

There’s nothing like a nice-smelling beard. The ladies will confirm this with certainty. So your beard not only always looks fresh, but also smells very pleasant. You can decide for yourself whether you like woody, fruity or sweet rumors.

Bartöl wie man bartöl verwendet

The right beard oil for a great beard

The ingredients of your beard oil are of course first and foremost decisive for how well your beard is cared for.

What ingredients does a beard oil need?

If you are looking for a beard oil, you should make sure that it contains all the important ingredients that care for your beard.


Argan oil is very valuable. Because only the seeds of the Arganbaum, which is resident mainly in Morocco, supplies a small portion of the oil. Argan oil cares for the hair and protects it.


Jojoba oil is extracted from the jojoba bush. It is mainly found in Central and Southern North America. It contains a lot of vitamins A and E, which strengthens the immune system of your hair.

✅Coconut Oil

The oil is extracted from the flesh of the coconut, which is mainly found in tropical areas. It has been scientifically proven that coconut oil can greatly reduce protein loss in hair. Your beard hair will be less damaged and strengthened by the coconut oil, which promotes beard growth. In addition, coconut oil provides a lot of moisture and gives the beard a natural shine and a healthy appearance.

How to use beard oil

So, now you’ve finally found a good beard oil. But how is it used, how much and how often should man use it? Our tips.

The right amount

Of course, with the right amount in the first place, it depends on how big your beard is. It is important that every hair and also your facial skin is covered with oil. For a three-day beard about 2-3 drops are enough. The longer the beard, the more oil you will need. With full beards you can count on approx. 5 drops. But always proceed according to the principle “less is more” and slowly touch the right amount.

Caution germs

One of the most important points to keep in mind: If the beard oil comes in a container with a pipette, the pipette must never come into contact with your beard. This could contaminate the pipette, and your beard oil would be full of bacteria. So you better wash your hands and drip the oil into your hands.

Apply beard oil correctly

After you have dripped the beard oil into your hand, you can distribute it in the palms of your hand and then massage it into your beard. There is no requirement, the oil must be well distributed at the end.

How often?

You can perform this procedure as often as possible. Best in the morning and evening. After all, it only takes about a minute. So much time is needed. The compliments you get for it will be worth it to you.

The Beneva Black Bart-Oil with a fresh scent of ginger and grapefruit makes your beard look healthy, well-groomed and radiant with just a few drops.

Bartwachstum fördern

Beard Oil
"next level beard"



Beard Oil
"next level beard"


It cares for the beard hair and provides sufficient moisture. The JoJoba oil protects the hair from drying out and keeps it moist. Split and dry hair ends have no chance due to the Argan oil! Avocado oil stimulates the hair follicles and promotes healthy hair growth. Rosemary oil promotes blood circulation and has a positive effect on beard growth;

The beard oil wraps itself around your beard hair and the underlying skin like a protective coat. This prevents skin and hair from drying out so quickly, reducing dandruff. This keeps your beard supple for longer, so the itching through the tips of your hair decreases or disappears completely.


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